Sharing your expertise to generate positive PR

Using what you know to help or inform others is a great way to generate interest in your organisation and raise your profile in the community.

Although there are many ways you can publish your message you’ll need to make sure what you say is;

  • Brief – don’t take up too much time. You can always offer a link to more detail if you think some will want this
  • Useful to the reader – focus on what they may be doing, not just what is happening in your organisation
  • Regular – it’s great to send your message monthly or weekly so people know what to expect
  • Connected to your products/services – don’t forget to include a call to action and links to your webpage

Getting your message out

Here are a just a few ways you can publish a message and get it out to existing or prospective customers;

Printed newsletters – If you have a regular mail out e.g. with invoices or people call in to your premises a printed newsletter may be a great way to go.

E-newsletters – Great tools like Mail Chimp make it really easy for anyone with everyday computer skills to create and send professional looking updates via email to their own lists of key contacts. Check out this example from a small Tauranga based company: Engage Communications e-news

Blogs – Blogging sites like Blogspot or WordPress provide you with another set of user-friendly tools to publish to a wide audience. Here’s a company offering tips about writing a press release:   PR in your pajamas blog

YouTube – Making a video allows you to show how to do something practical e.g. how to care for a worm farm or simply to provide your message in this hugely popular medium.

So why not give it a go?  Just think about what your target audience are interested in, pick a medium and get started today.

Coming up next…

Next time we’ll look at ways to ensure articles published on-line deliver maximum value for your business.


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